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Classic Mini Boot Liner kit & Boot Lid Package

Classic Mini Boot Liner kit & Boot Lid Package

Kit consists of:

1x back board.1x base unit 1x right hand side board.1x left hand side board.1x petrol tank cover board.1x boot lid cover.

1x Set of 4 luggage rails pre-fitted to base unit

1x Installation guide+Fixings & fastenings.




The boot liner is manufactured from 6mm MDF (back board, base Unit, right hand side board, left hand side board & Lightweight flexible Millboard (petrol tank cover board & Boot lid liner) and trimmed in high quality automotive vinyl with a hign resistance to abrasion, high tensile strength and high tear resistance. 6mm boards are backed with 6 mm scrim foam , 3 mm scrim foam for the flexible plywood panels. High quality luggage rails come as standard and pre-fitted to the base unit.


Choose your colours including the overall main colour, piping and stitch colours. Here at Stitched Up we offer unlimited colour choices as standard and will happily match your colour requirements without additional charges.



You will recieve a easy to follow pictorial instruction sheet to allow easy installation.

    Main Vinyl Colour
    Stitch Colour
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